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Fire alarm sensor

Smoke detector is for detection of fire & smoke, All smoke detectors consist of two basic parts: a sensor to sense the smoke and a very loud electronic horn to wake people up. Smoke detectors can run off of a 9-volt battery or 9-35V DC.

Smoke detector with two types; 4 wires smoke detector (mainly used for burglar alarm system) and 2 wires smoke detector (mainly used for fire alarm system). Typically, we provides the 4 wires smoke detector.

Gas leak detectors can help you detect a LPG/natural gas/CO leak if you can't or don't notice its smell. When the gas reach to the alarm warning degree, the Gas detectors will make buzz sounds & lights to alert people.

Heat detectors detect the temperature of air flow, it will be trigger alarm when the temperature rise above the trip point (fixed temperature: 135 F,  57 C).

Our Fire Alarm Detector(smoke,heat, gas) can work with Honeywell/ADEMCO hardwired alarm control panels.

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Magnetic contact

Magnetic contacts are the most common sensing devices for sensing opening and closing of doors and windows. They are cheap and reliable.
Such sensors consist of two parts - A  contact that is installed on the door / window frame and an Activating magnet that is mounted on the door. The magnetic  is held in no-alarm contact position when door / window is kept closed. These are installed on a door or window in such a way that opening the door or window causes the magnet to move away from the contact switch which activates the alarm. They have proved to be a tried and tested method of monitoring any of the operable openings in the houses / apartments. These contacts are available in variety of finishes & materials. Heavy duty versions are also available for heavy doors, shutters and gates. The magnetic switches normally have both 'Normally open' & 'Normally Closed' contacts for easier integration with existing systems.

With High quality reed switches, our series magnetic contacts provide excellent solution for access control system and intrusion alarm system. With CE certification, it could work with almost all alarm panels and access controllers.


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Wireless Outdoor Strobe Siren

This Wireless Strobe Siren/Flasher  is designed to provide an external siren and flasher facility without using the wire connection to any standard hardwired or wireless security systems.

Technical Parameters:

Single piezo sounder
Micro-computer intelligent control, prevent mis-alarm & missing alarm
With sound and light alarm
Compatible with the Wireless Alarm Host
With an accumulator as backup battery, keeps reliable working around the clock,AC/DC available. 
Operating Power: 100~240VAC
Backup Battery: Accumulator 6V,1.2AH
Alarm volume: =110dB

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Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren

Hardwired Outdoor Strobe Siren
This 30W outdoor siren and strobe light is a powerfull strobe siren comes with two 115db piezo sirens increases the protection of your alarm system and providing an additional deterrent to potential thieves for your perimeter alarm systems.

Main Features:
Highly resistant PC housing, UV prevention
Twin piezo sounders with 115DB at 1M
Single piezo sounder is optional
Positive/negative siren trigger
Postive/negative stobe trigger
Battery Backup
Len corlors in Red, Orange, Blue.
LED diagrnosis indication
CE approved

Technical Parameters:

Backup Battery Outdoor Siren
Operating Voltage:DC9-15V

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